Designed with Care

Environmentally Friendly

Keeping in the long standing tradition of  environmentally friendly and intuitive structures Pollen Architecture has created a space that feels industrial. While also having a minimal environmental footprint. This is achieved through innovative custom cast concrete finishes and green building materials and practices.

Next Door Creative Studios also features an outdoor space designed by our friends at TenEyck Landscape Architects. Giving easy access to a natural space to stay grounded in an increasingly unnatural world. 

By Artists, for Artistic Professionals

Designed with the creative process in mind. Next Door Creative is a curated community designed by Pollen Architecture that features a unique solar orientation that minimizes glare on computer screens and provides natural light for a healthier work environment. 

Every space features a private bathroom and separate entries with work spaces that balance solid walls for pin up/work area as well as operable windows. 

With a central location

Next Door Creative Offices

1224 East 12th Street, Austin, Texas 78702, United States